The George Washington University and the Women’s Leadership Program host an annual Women’s Leadership Conference that brings together faculty, staff, students, alumnae, and guest to discuss current topics in women’s leadership. From examining leadership styles to considering cutting-edge leadership issues, the conference tackles contemporary topics and provides unique opportunities for networking and interaction with women leaders.

The Women’s Leadership Conference recognizes the legacy of Elizabeth J. Somers, who player an important role in promoting women’s education, civic activism, and community engagement. Mrs. Somers established the Mount Vernon Seminary and College in the mid 1800’s, which at the time was the only secondary education institution for women in Washington, D.C. and was instrumental in encouraging that academic and social education of young women. In 1997, when the 121-year-old Mount Vernon College was affiliated with GW the university agreed to carry on Mrs. Somers’vision of academic education and social action for women. The Women’s Leadership Conference and the Women’s Leadership Program are part of that legacy, as it champions the active engagement of women in discussion, growth, and practice leadership.

Sponsored by The Elizabeth J. Somers Women's Leadership Program.