Past Conferences

Since 2000, the Women's Leadership Conference has taken place on the Mount Vernon Campus every year. The conference is an opportunity for a community of women to come together and discuss important topics in women's leadership. The archive of past conferences demonstrate changing concerns and focal points within the area of women's leadership, while showing the continuing relevance of this subject.

Leading For Inclusion

2018 Women's Leadership Conference

Exploring Politics and Policy in the 21st Century

2017 Women's Leadership Conference

Building Healthy Lives

2016 Women's Leadership Conference

Charting A New Course

2015 Women's Leadership Conference

Measuring Success

2014 Women's Leadership Conference

It Takes A Community

2013 Women's Leadership Conference

You Are Not Supposed To Be Here

2012 Women's Leadership Conference


2011 Women's Leadership Conference

Generation to Generation

2010 Women's Leadership Conference

Stepping Up For Change

2009 Women's Leadership Conference

Challenging Limits, Reaching New Frontiers

2008 Women's Leadership Conference

Agents of Change

2007 Women's Leadership Conference

Listen, Speak, Act

2006 Women's Leadership Conference

Thinking Globally, Leading Locally

2005 Women's Leadership Conference

Women's Leadership Conference Archive Images

Journalist Helen Thomas

Keynote Speaker Helen Thomas

The keynote speaker in 2010 was Helen Thomas, the pioneering White House correspondent who covered every U.S. president from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama. She addressed a wide range of topics-from politics and presidents to breaking the gender barrier-and urged others to join her in speaking out against the world's wrongs.

Choreographer Liz Lerman

Choreographer and Educator Liz Lerman

The afternoon address was delivered by choreographer and educator Liz Lerman, who reminded us that "kindness is an act of genius."

 Donna J. Gambrell

Donna J. Gambrell of the U.S. Department of the Treasury

At the 2012 conference, the afternoon address was delivered by Donna J. Gambrell, Director of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund. 

2011 panel with Rachelle Heller

2011 Panel with Rachelle Heller

The members of the panel discussion pose with Associate Provost Rachelle Heller, who organizes the annual conference.

Barbara Hillary

Explorer Barbara Hillary

The after lunch speaker was Barbara Hillary, the first African American woman and oldest woman, at age 75, to reach the North Pole.

Reverend Gloria Berberich

Reverend Gloria Berberich

Rev. Gloria Berberich, an alumna of Mount Vernon College and a retired Episcopalian priest, took part in the panel discussion titled "Leadership: Generation to Generation."

2014 WLC keynote speaker Phyllis Richman is an award-winning author and 23-year veteran food critic for the Washington Post.

2014 Keynote Speaker Phyllis Richman

Phyllis Richman is an award-winning author and 23-year veteran food critic for the Washington Post. She shared her ingredients for success: confidence, a good support network of friends and family, an outlet for relaxation, and the persistence to “pursue your dream job – it won’t pursue you!”

Ames Hall packed with people

Ames Hall

Ames Hall was packed during the afternoon address by Donna J. Gambrell at the 2012 Conference.

Peg Barratt

Dean Peg Barratt

Peg Barratt, former dean of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and current Professor of Applied Social Psychology at the George Washington University, took part in the panel discussion.

Dr. Kira Fortune

Dr. Kira Fortune

Dr. Kira Fortune of the Pan-American Health Organization offered a global perspective on women’s health in her afternoon address.

Mary Ellsberg

Mary Ellsberg of the Global Women's Institute

Panel participant Mary Ellsburg is the director of the Global Women's Institute at the George Washington University.